Maintaining a SAFE & HEALTHY environment while you visit our playroom is our top priority! Our kids play here too ❤

**We will no longer be allowing walk-ins. At this time, we can only accommodate group play with family/friends you are comfortable with. You must schedule a playtime with our online booking system and also pay online.

**Everyone entering the playroom (Including Staff) will be asked to sanitize their hands.

**Masks need to be worn by adults, Children are not required to wear a mask if they're not comfortable.

**All items in our playroom are thoroughly cleaned /disinfected or thrown out between sessions.

**In addition to thoroughly cleaning & sanitizing between sessions. Our playroom will be professionally disinfected every two weeks with an electrostatic spraying application. This treatment is EPA approved for use against emerging pathogens such as COVID-19. Electrostatic Spraying has broad spectrum and consistent coverage for all surfaces.