About us:

Hi! My name is Kirby and I'm a local stay at home mom of my two toddlers ages two and four. My toddlers love getting their hands into everything (I mean everything!) so I was always creating different sensory bins/stations around the house for them to play with. Then the idea popped into my head one day to create a space for others to play as well and Tot Spot  was born!


Playroom Etiquette:

1. Children must be supervised at ALL times. There are small parts/pieces. Play at your own risk.

2. Please try not to mix stations.

3. Shoes not required but encouraged.

4. No throwing of items/toys.

5. Please be respectful and polite of others 


Sensory bins will be changed on a weekly basis. Although we would love to accommodate all allergy sensitivities IT MAY BE POSSIBLE SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS MAY CONTAIN ALLERGENS. Please contact prior to visiting to verify. 

Age Restrictions:

There are no age restrictions. However, Tot Spot is geared towards children 6 and under.